Today, they would call it DisasterTech Innovation. Back in 1994, we were looking for ways to prevent future loss and damage following the 6.7 magnitude Northridge, CA earthquake. SidePlate’s founders were part of the local response to that disaster and developed a new, more structurally-efficient way to connect steel frame buildings. And, while our roots maybe in DisasterTech, our commitment to innovation has driven industry adoption of SidePlate connection methods on the full range of building types, in all regions of the country.

Engineers, fabricators and erectors throughout the U.S. recognize the value of SidePlate even in non-seismic environments.  We are recognized experts in moment frame design and are regularly consulted early in the project when the design team is looking for the best design options for the owner. We do some of our best work on projects with complex architectural design, shifting schedules and tight budgets. Offering innovative design methods and cost saving solutions have enabled many of our clients and partners to enhance their value and differentiation in their markets.

As thought leaders in our industry, we continue to look for ways to improve design, develop technologies and software to decrease construction time, lower project costs, expand the knowledge and expertise of the design and construction professionals that are committed to delivering superior project results.

SidePlate experts are at the forefront of the latest steel frame design and construction trends. We are highly active in some of the most respected organizations in the industry:

And we regularly conduct innovation sessions, lunch and learns and one-on-one training for our design engineering, detailing and construction partners.

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