What is SidePlate?

SidePlate® specializes in steel building designs, providing safe and efficient structures through innovation.

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What We Offer

SidePlate® offers connection technologies and engineering consulting services for professionals who design, fabricate, and erect steel moment frame and braced frame structures.

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How Well it Works

SidePlate's connections have been proven in earthquake tests, bomb blast tests, and progressive collapse tests.

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How We Work

SidePlate® reviews and optimizes a project's lateral system, acting as a free extension of the design team.

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What's New at SidePlate

SidePlate Bolted — the new field-bolted moment connection for wind applications — offers the same stiffness as welded SidePlate connections…at less cost.

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SidePlate Has a Field-Bolted SMF

SidePlate Field-Bolted SMF Eliminates Field Welding and is FAST to put up in the field!

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SidePlate Q1 2016 Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter was distributed last week. Comments or ideas for future topics? Please let us know.

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SidePlate YouTube Channel

Shop and field videos, testimonials, more

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A Top 5 Best Firm to Work For

For the 2nd year in a row, ZweigWhite ranked SidePlate Systems in the Top 5 Best Structural Engineering Firms to Work For

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Secrets of Steel Design with SidePlate Upcoming Webinar Dates
  • Wed, June 15th, 9am
  • Thu, June 16th, 12pm
  • Wed, July 13th, 9am
  • Thu, July 14th, 12pm
  • Wed, August 10th, 9am
  • Thu, August 11th, 12pm
  • Wed, September 14th, 9am
  • Thu, September 15th, 12pm
  • Wed, October 12th, 9am
  • Thu, October 13th, 12pm
  • Wed, November 16th, 9am
  • Thu, November 17th, 12pm
  • Wed, December 7th, 9am
  • Thu, December 8th, 12pm
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