Licensing Fee Docs

SidePlate works closely throughout the building design and construction to support successful project outcomes. If you are in possession of design documents that specify SidePlate, then please click here to access the client portal for more information on our fees and documentation requirements. Or contact your Regional Engineer.

Video Resources

The SidePlate YouTube video channel features the following:

  • Video demonstration of the Momentum Productivity Suite
  • Fabrication demonstration of the SidePlate connection
  • Installation of bolted and welded SidePlate connections
  • Custom Component tutorials for both SDS/2 and TEKLA
  • SidePlate connection laboratory testing videos


Click here to access the SidePlate YouTube Channel or contact your Regional Engineer for more information on any of these video resources.  

Tech Tips/Design Considerations

Our Tech Tips are a valuable tool developed for architects and structural engineers. They address some of the most frequently asked topics regarding SidePlate connection technology: Click Here to access our Tech Tips PDF.


To implement SidePlate into structural analysis programs:


SidePlate is a founding partner of the Resiliency Council. The Resiliency Council is the leading organization for implementing and disseminating rating systems describing the performance of buildings during earthquakes and other natural hazard events.

Software Solutions

SidePlate’s Software Solutions have been developed to increase the speed and accuracy of the steel detailing process for a project using SidePlate connections. These productivity tools can:


  • Significantly reduce estimating time of SidePlate connections with more accuracy
  • Provide a detailed cost comparison of SidePlate versus other systems
  • Produce and Excel file of SidePlate piece counts, plate & angle take-offs, welds, etc.
  • Produce custom component XML files for direct import into a detailing program
  • And, lower detailing costs on projects with SidePlate designs

Click here to go to learn more about our Software.

Full-Scale testing

ANSI/AISC Code 341-10 establishes the performance requirements for steel frame connections. SidePlate has completed full scale testing of our moment frame connections. Current test results show that our economical designs far exceed the minimum requirements established by the code. Further, in our resiliency compliance testing, SidePlate's designs show limited deformation at design-level earthquakes. This has been independently validated based on the criteria set forth in FEMA P-58. Click here to view our testing videos on the SidePlate YouTube channel.