SidePlate Custom Component for SDS/2

SidePlate has created a Custom Component (CC) to increase the speed and accuracy of the steel detailing process.

This CC, combined with a project-specific XML file provided to the steel fabricator during bidding, allows detailers to import all SidePlate connections into their SDS/2 model in minutes — suitable for both model based estimating and final project detailing. See the Release Notes for a list of current features and version limitations.

SDS/2 Component 1.7 Release Notes for SDS/2 2016.21


SDS/2 Component 1.7 Release Notes for SDS/2 2017.04


Features Benefits
SidePlate Column & Beam Schedules1 contain pre-designed connections for each specific project No need for connection engineer for the SidePlate lateral connections
Automatically import connections and design parameters from SidePlate Column & Beam Schedules1 into your modeling software Shortened SidePlate learning curve, reduced detailing time & fewer errors
Each connection can be modified via connections user interface Empowers detailer to make custom modifications

1SidePlate Connection Schedules contain the design parameters for the typical configurations of the SidePlate connection. Often, additional modifications to the typical SidePlate connection are required and these modifications must still be performed manually per the requirements of the contract documents.

SidePlate custom component for SDS/2
Custom component demos:

"The time needed to develop the SidePlate portion of your manufacturing/detailing model is now reduced by 75%" — Jim Stever, President of Virtual Steel Technologies, VA

"The [new] Custom Component by itself is a triumph, but when integrated with the XML data, the entire process is completely automated for the vast majority of SidePlate configurations…In addition, this process is simple and accurate enough to be used at the estimating phase of the project" — Scott Edgar, SteelFab, NC

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