Bolted Special Moment Frame

Our latest innovation for structural steel buildings excels in high-seismic construction. The SidePlate field-bolted SMF can be built by anyone and is fast to install, allowing competitive bidding and bringing your structural steel package ahead of schedule and under budget.

Bolted SMF Handout


  • No Field Welding
  • No Delays, Installs Fast
  • Reduced Steel Tonnage
SidePlate SMF: field bolted, no delays, reduced tonnage

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Far exceeds SMF requirements:

7%-9% rotation proven lab performance


minimal beam distortion at 4% rotation

Fast in the field:

"We had budgeted a 21-day schedule but put up the steel in only 8 days."

"The owner called me a couple times asking why no one was working after 2:30pm, and I told him we'd already put up all the steel on site."